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Lead (Teacher) Youth Facilitator & Care Provider 

Lana Radl, BA, MA


Lana Radl is a Northestern Ohio native, growing up with one foot in the woods, one foot in the big city. Formerly teaching tennis for her local city and competing in tennis at the regional level. She was also a former member of the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony, performing at West Minster Abbey in London, England. Her first post-graduate job was in Cleveland working as a consultant for the Cleveland Council on World Affairs arranging educational experiences.


Her education is in the natural sciences and sustainability. Attaining a Bachelors of Arts in Geography from Miami University. She pursued a Masters degree in Global Sustainability from USF. She also acquired LEED GA status in 2015. 


She is a mother to two wonderful bright young ladies, currently age 6 and 3. They are her inspiration for starting the 'Nature House'. Lana felt they needed more access and experience with 'nature' on a daily basis, Yet she still wanted a high-quality 'school' experience for both of them. Plus she wanted a deeper social life gained through modest group sizes and a focus on families. Additionally, she wanted a wider breath of crafts than paper and glue for their skill base. Finally, she wanted freedom outside the classroom to experience the 'real world' through walks and field trips. Lana has  educated both of her children during their Pre-School/Early Education years at the Cleveland Heights Early Education Nature House. 


Assistant (Teacher) Youth Facilitator & Care Provider 

Jessica Deveney, Tri-C Student 

Jessica Deveney is also a Cleveland native. Growing up in Cleveland she was enchanted by her best friend's experiences and stories at a Waldorf school, Bit by the bug, she volunteered at Urban Oak Waldorf School in Cleveland Heights while in high school. Following her graduation, she began working for Urban Oak Waldorf School caring for and teaching children.


Through working at the Waldorf school, she has learned much about child development, and particularly how vital a relationship with nature is in this process. She believes that cultivating this important relationship is key in creating a more beautiful and sustainable future for the planet we call home, as well as all of the other wonderful life we share it with.


Jessica also has a keen interest in storytelling, theater, and puppetry. She believes that play is a sacred part of life, which should be protected and nurtured. This, too, is a reason she loves working with children, by whom the importance of play would never be questioned. She is thrilled to be helping Miss Lana at the Nature House this summer and looking forward to all of the fun that will be had!

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