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21st Century Science-To-Go

 For Ages 3-12/ Pre-K-5th Grade 

21st Century Science-To-Go is brought to you by a former CMNH Science Educator and Shaker Lakes Nature Center Naturalist, Lana Radl. She holds a BA in Geography and has MA Sustainability education, which supports her themes of presentations, with a mix of classical science and the science of the future that she feels is extremely important and relevant to this generations' lives.


She brings over 15 years of education experience, from working with CWRU, CCWA, and USDA. She looks forward to bringing an engaging and fun presentation to your children and classroom, whether you like science or not! 

Please contact us at 216-505-1431 or

*Endangered Animals & Habitats
*Sustainability, The Science of the 21st Century
*Wild vs. Domestic Animals
               $150 per Presentation;
Discount for Multi Bookings same-day
               [~$5-$10 Per Child avg.]

Call 216-505-1431 or Email

to find out more details and book your Presentation

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