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The best of Nature and Nurture

About Us

NOW ENROLLING for 2022-2023 Pre-K & K School Year! Apply Now!  Now Located in Shaker Heights!

Cleveland Nature House is an exciting new option on the East side of Cleveland in Shaker Heights promoting a progressive, new-era, early education and supporting working moms and dads with all-day options! We are the first and only green daycare in Northeastern Ohio and offer a small-group, Nature-Based Pre-K program!

Check out our flexible Early Education programs, Pre-School, and Kindergarten Homeschool classes, with a mixed pedagogy of Nature-Based, Montessori, and Play-Based. 

We focus your child's individual personality and needs and offer a wide-range of personally enriching space and experiences that go beyond any daycare or school in the region! We focus on healthy habits and a balanced life from the start! 

We are now offering REMOTE LEARNING KITS! Contact Cleveland Nature House to Purchase a Home Learning KIT. 

For more information, please check out our Program/Classes page or give us a call at 216-505-1431 or email us at!

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